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While health can be defined as the absence of disease, wellness is more about a person’s lifestyle and taking charge of the choices they make to stay healthy. Wellness is the recognition that individuals have a responsibility to take care of themselves physically, emotionally and psychologically. Getting exercise, maintaining healthy relationships and eliminating risky behaviors such as smoking are all components to wellness. Research has shown that when individuals take care of themselves and make positive lifestyle changes, they are happier, miss less work and are more productive.
The modern diet generally contains too many things that are bad for us, and not enough that are good. We have far too many excesses and too many deficiencies. Even when we had all the knowledge we need to eat healthily, many people make bad choices which leave they bodies at risk. And, on top of nutrient depletion of foods, we still feed it foods like sugar, as an example, that has devastating effects on our health and weight.
I have personalized my Services based on my studies on the anatomy of the body and skincare
”Herbalife has the best nutritional range that I incorporate in my programs and evaluations”
Wellness Evaluation
Do you know what’s happening in your body or what your body’s health results are? I offer 30minute one on one evaluation or 15minute telephonic evaluations. We will discuss current lifestyle and food habits and I am able to advice clients on a healthier active lifestyle. This will include:

  1. Wellness results (Body fat%, Hydration %, Physic rating, Muscle mass, Visceral fat and Metabolic age)   Packages are then specialized to suit your goals and budget. Packages include:
  1. Herbalife Nutritional plan
  2. Healthy skin plan
  3. Fitness plan
  4. Optional Meal plan
  5. Daily support group
The Lifestyle Bar
Enjoy a healthy environment where people come share their health journeys. We offer some of the best Herbalife ready-made products to drink and eat. We open daily and offer weight loss challenges with weekly weigh ins, muscle gain challenges and host the best pamper parties. We also provide monthly member packages. You can find us at 2 fifth avenue, Rivonia.
Join my Team
Join one of Africa’s fastest growing team and learn from the Best. I pride myself in being a great sponsor to all my members. I offer one on one training, which includes teaching you how to do the business, self-development, how to market yourself and how to be in the best shape of your life as a distributor.

I also offer additional monthly trainings, weekly conference calls and daily whatsapp support group. I offer zoom calls and zoom conference call for members outside Gauteng and South Africa You can join my team anywhere in the world as my business is in 90 countries worldwide.

Shake or Skin Party
Shake/skin Parties are social gatherings to introduce our Herbalife products in a relaxed environment. We over Skin and Body evaluations. We also have products for sampling at our parties and thus this relaxed atmosphere means guests are under no pressure or obligation to purchase products.

Wellness Day
Companies looking to manage their overall spending on employee health care and reduce the amount of productivity lost due to employee absences often institute employee wellness programs to promote preventive care and foster a healthier workplace. We promote change of lifestyles and advice on how to use your time effectively while improving their health. Everyone will get a personal 10-minute evaluation and sample test of our nutritional products.