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Julia Manyadza

“I started using Herbalife on the 19 August 2015, I cut off starch and bread. I was advised to eat smaller portions which helped me a lot because I got to understand it’s not the amount of food I eat that’s bad it’s the quantity. I was eating according to the eating plan Mercy had given me. I was using the Herbalife formula 1 with the multi fibre and used the aloe and instant tea. My eating habits changed and I had more energy to be at work the whole day. I lost a lot of weight around my stomach area as I was also exercising at home. Mercy sent me videos on what to do at home. The aloe helped me a lot as I started drinking more water and I stopped drinking fizzy drinks.”

Manti Mekoa

”As a soccer player, I spend a lot of time training daily. My performance needs to be on its A game. Before using Herbalife I would get tired throughout the day and would have lots of naps. My muscles would be sore every morning. I have a busy schedule and don’t have a lot of time to prepare my food. With the help of Herbalife things have changed. I love my Herbalife 24 sports range, multivitamin and formula 1 tropical Shake. My muscle recovery is great, I have lots of energy and my performance on the field is better. I also drink lots more water. I still eat all my meals in addition to that I have my Shake every morning.”

Dapheny Moletsane


“I have fallen inlove with Herbalife! A year ago I weighed 162kilos, had very little energy and struggled to breath. My eating habits were very bad and because of that I had extreme high blood. Mercy got me on the products, guided me through what I had to eat and she started exercising with me. Today I’m 93.4 kilos I’m so energetic I’m much healthier and my blood pressure is back to normal. I’m grateful for the help I received and I’m still using Herbalife my goal is 85kilos and want to be toned. ”


Palesa Nkabinde

“I’m so excited about sharing the great journey I’ve been on with Herbalife! Before Herbalife I had a low-self esteem , I didn’t like the way I looked and how I felt and I was always tired. When I started using Herbalife my energy increased and I was always happy. I lost 3 Jean sizes! I am now sexy and confident. My skin looks more flawless and fresh. I can now officially wear my figure belt. I was taking the shakes twice a day and had a full meal in the evening. My snacking habits changed and now I eat more fruits and vegetables. I’m a lover of my Herbalife products. I walk daily every morning and got a skipping rope from Mercy to skip daily.”